Relevant, personalized ads.
Absolute privacy.

Discover new things

Enjoy a daily selection of custom-designed ads for products, services, events, and other offerings that are relevant specifically for you. Just like an interactive personalized magazine.

Only look at ads when you want to: first thing when you wake up, offline on the subway, or while doing your things in the bathroom. We don’t spam you with endless notifications.

Currently available only in the U.S.
We believe that people like ads as long as they are relevant and don’t interfere with what they are doing at the moment

Privacy first

Directly influence ads relevance without being tracked or retargeted. Your anonymous profile together with all your preferences are securely stored exlusively on your phone.

No one can see your profile: neither us nor adevertisers. Your information never leaves your device.

Check out our Privacy Policy for more details. Easy to read, no fine print.

Good time for ads
  • While waiting for a ride
  • During commute
  • In the bathroom
  • In an elevator
  • During a TV show
  • While checking news
  • When reading emails

Smarter every day

With each daily issue, the app learns your preferences and shows you more relevant ads over time. For that the app asks you non-identifying questions and collects statistics.

Ad matching happens locally on your device so we don’t need to store your information on our servers or even send it over the network.

Our FAQ section describes how this whole thing works and more.

Currently available only in the U.S.
We don’t advertise tobacco, alcohol, guns, gambling, or adult services on our platform
Adlicit is family-friendly (13+)
Report bugs, weird behavior, unwanted and unexpected ads, feature requests, or general feedback at Please attach a screenshot.